Next up at RVaLUG – it’s Zabbix Baby

>Tomorrow evening, I’ll be talking at the Richmond, VA Linux Users Group ( The talk will start around 6:30p. Snacks will be supplied by 5AM Solutions ( Sadly I’ll be buying the snacks and I typically have pretty bad taste.

Just in case you don’t know, RVaLUG meets up at the Richmond Hackerspace (

I’ll be talking about Zabbix (, one of my favorite open source projects and the tool I’ve used for the enterprise monitoring solution at my last 3 gigs.

The gist of my talk is going to be, I hope, the logic behind what led 5AM Solutions to decide to use Zabbix as its monitoring platform, and then dive just a little bit into some of the features that we enjoy the most.

A (much) longer version of what I hope this talk to be is available at . It’s long, but I hope it provides some information.

Hopefully we’ll spark off a good conversation, which is always the goal

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