(full disclosure – no, I don not have the other 924307 reasons documented currently. But I have no doubt that’s a conservative estimate)

I can’t imagine, at this point in 2013 with its comedic dominance of Android and iOS and the rampant adoption of “BYOD” principles, that a company out there would still be holding on to their BES Server and crates full of Blackberry World Editions. I think that if I were to sit in an interview with someone and they pulled out a blackberry I would be sorely tempted to get up and leave. And while walking through the lobby of their Web 1.0 company, I’d be tweeting about it on my Swype on-screen keyboard while simultaneously listening to Spotify (yes, multiple simultaneous programs running, RIM, it can happen).

I can hear the people who managed this stuff in places I used to work, with their Neanderthal mindsets; “Jamie, you idiot, we have to have a RIM server so we can control the security ourselves. That cloud stuff can’t be secured!”.

Normally I would just roll my eyes at them, and then turn around and keep dragging what I could of their company out of the dark ages. But Richmond, VA based Risk-Based Security was recently talking about a newly found and really really pathetic vulnerability in RIM’s on-premise server.

The RIM server would send my email username and password out on the network to my mail servers in cleartext.

Not their own BBM or similar outdated software. MY EMAIL ACCOUNT CREDENTIALS.

I mean, seriously?!

While I don’t wish anyone to lose their jobs, I do wish RIM would go ahead and finish folding already. You missed the boat by failing to innovate. At least die with some dignity. Don’t be another Kodak.


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