Above All, Be your Best and Solve Problems

I don’t often talk about my career path, mostly because it was a massive pain for me and my family.  While I’m approaching the point I want to be at for this time in my life (I think), I had to do it in an abbreviated time span. I’ve been in IT for a total of 7 years, and I’m 35.

I saw an article on LinkedIn, here, earlier tonight. I’m sure J.T. O’Donnel is a good career coach, but I just can’t agree with her idea that a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ is not able to be hired in today’s IT market.

Generalists are invaluable. They are the glue that binds together the troubleshooting and investigative processes. For reasons passing understanding, businesses don’t want to do away with knowledge silos all the time. That’s when you need a generalist to bridge the gaps. Of course you have to have specialists, but that’s not all you need.

Instead of fretting about proving a specialty, spend your time in excelling at the problems presented to you and growing your experience both in depth and breadth.

Oh, and work harder than everyone around you. 😉

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