SELinux talk at RVaLUG – 20140419

This morning I gave what was a pretty well-received talk about SELinux. We got into the important definitions and pretty down deep into how type enforcement works. Lots of practical examples and fun stuff.

Of course why spend hours coming up with a new slide deck when you can borrow from amazing work done by co-workers. 🙂

The slide deck I used was a slightly modified deck used (last I know of) for a Red Hat TAM Webinar last April.  It also came with a set of lab questions that we didn’t have time to go through today.

And of course, there is the SELinux Coloring Book.

The talk was long for a LUG meeting (right around 90 minutes plus a little follow-up), but the interaction was great and I think we had some good communication going.




Breaking Down Barriers to Entry – Has your LUG kept pace with the kernel?

One of the largest stigmas still attached to Linux is that “it’s too hard to learn and use”. One of the easiest ways to dispell that myth is to get someone around people who enjoy using and making Linux and show them not only how easy, but how amazing it can be as a tool.

A local Linux User Group has the ability to be an incredible entry point to do this, but unfortunately they’re still stigmatized more than Linux itself. Has your group kept up with Linux itself in the adoption of new technologies, concepts like social media, and does your group have a goal of growing FOSS/Linux contributors? If not, should it? And if so, how can it?

This thought popped into my head a few hours ago, and I’ll be exploring it more fully over the next few weeks.