Open Stack Summit Day 3 – Closing Thoughts

wow. I’m exhausted.

OpenStack Summit 2015, Tokyo Edition is over. It was amazing. I have a handful of ideas for follow up technical posts after I have time to get home and dig into them a little bit. But I want to get a few thoughts down on the conference as a whole while I’m sitting in my incredibly small room in Tokyo being too tired to go out on the town.

There could have been a container summit inside OpenStack Summit. Everywhere I turned, people were talking about containers. How to use them effectively and innovate around scaling them. It was awesome. These 2 technologies (IaaS and Containers) are going going to collide somewhere not very far up the road. When they do it is going to be something to behold. I can’t wait to be part of it.

The conference on the whole was incredible. I can’t give enough credit to the team who put it all together. It was stretched out across (at least) 4 buildings on multiple floors, and it worked the vast majority of the time. The rooms were a little over-crowded for the biggest talks (or any talk that had the words ‘container’ or ‘kubernetes’ or ‘nfv’ in the title), and they tended to be a little too warm. The warm seems to be common for most public areas in Japan. I guess that’s just how they roll here.

Probably my biggest criticism of the conference is angled at most of the keynote speakers. They were, on the whole, not great. When I am at a large IT conference like this, I expect the keynote presentations to be motivational and polished. Too many of these were history lessons and needed a few more rounds in front of a mirror. There were exceptions of course (particular kudos to the IBM BlueBox folks!). But that was my biggest ‘needs improvement’ factor the OpenStack Summit Tokyo.

Out of 10, I would give this conference a solid 8. My score for Tokyo would be similar, if not higher.

I can’t wait to see what happens in Austin. I’m already working on ideas for talks. 🙂


(A few) random observations from day one of Ohio Linux Fest

I came up yesterday from Richmond, VA with two other Linux geeks and we’re all experiencing our first Ohio Linux Fest. A few observations from day One.

  • The Columbus Convention Center is HUGE. Getting from the hotel to the actual meeting rooms is sort of a spoof of The Two Towers in its own right. Definitely a journey.
  • The size of the convention center, so far, is making it feel a little less cozy as compared to SELF this past year. I’ve no doubt that will change tomorrow.
  • The people here are top-notch, period.
  • The t-shirts are pretty cool, even if they are “Ohio State Red”.
  • A lack of free wifi in the convention center and a shortage of power plugin spots isn’t great.
  • The Red Roof across the street doesn’t have a great continental breakfast
  • Both local bars we’ve tried so far have been great
  • I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.
I’ll try to have something more substantive up later tonight, booze-willing. 🙂