Getting an ROI on your OpenStack Proof of Concept

OpenStack is not the “next Linux”, but it IS an incredibly powerful tool.

But once you’ve kicked the tires and have decided to buy the Ferrari, how do you actually have it make money for your IT organization?

I spent considerable time mulling this over and looking at options. I recently presented my story as a Red Hat TAM Webinar (held monthly). If you’re interested check it out here:



Sytemtap Fun #1 – looking for particular signals (e.g. kill -9)

Systemtap is amazing, plain and simple. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface myself, but I can already see its power and have even used it in a few cases to make my life easier.

I found this example in a document somewhere, and I love it. Have you ever had one of those cases where a process was being mysteriously killed off on a server and you couldn’t quite figure out why? Well in comes Systemtap. With just a few lines of code:

if ( sig_name == "SIGKILL ")
printf ("%s was sent to %s ( pid :%d ) by %s uid :%d \n " ,
 sig_name , pid_name , sig_pid , execname ( ) , u i d ( ) )

in a Systemtap script. Execute it and any time a “SIGKILL” is sent to the kernel for any reason (SIGKILL == kill -9), it outputs what was killed ¬†and what pid / process executed it.

For example:

# stap /usr/share/systemtap/tapset/signal.stp
SIGKILL was sent to saslauthd (pid :6202) by AntiCloseWait.s uid :0

In this case “AntiCoseWait.s” was “”, a long-forgotten cronjob.

Simple, Powerful, Flexible. One of my favorite new tools to use.